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BoardPacks was developed by eShare to promote the highest standards in governance practice for the pensions industry. Now it is used by over 300 organisations across the financial services, healthcare, education, housing, and corporate sectors. These include top brand names such as GlaxoSmithKline, Age UK, EDF, Bayer Group, Nestle, DHL, Ernst and Young, BAA, and Diageo, as well as progressive public sector organisations.

“Hats-off to you all at eShare, I am very impressed with the thought that has gone into your product.” – Brian Moran, Adactus Housing Group Ltd

Our difference

Our mission at eShare is to help organisations use technology at board level to identify and prevent problems before they occur. We want to provide boards with a simple, transparent, unprocessed view of their organisation.

The close support we offer customers and clear understanding of their needs is the primary reason so many organisations come to us. Not only do we help them achieve good practice at their organisation, we offer them a better way of working.

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Whether you are just interested in finding out a bit more, or actively searching for a digital governance solution, the BoardPacks sales team can answer any of your questions and give you a demo.

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