10 Reasons to Fall in Love with BoardPacks this Valentine’s Day

It’s hard not to fall in love with BoardPacks’ secure, easy-to-use features, user-friendly interface and cost saving capabilities. Here are 10 reasons why you should download the free demo app this Valentine’s Day and see for yourself what BoardPacks can do for your organisation:

1. Data Protection and Heightened Online Security

By managing your board meetings online via BoardPacks’ secure infrastructure, you can rest assured that your confidential documents are safe. Located in a nuclear bunker, our data centre is compliant with ISO 27001, the highest standard possible. BoardPacks is trusted by some of the most security conscious organisations including banks, hospital trusts and consultants – who all set the most stringent of standards for their data security.

2. Simplify Meeting Administration and Reduce Drain on Time

BoardPacks makes tasks like creating meeting packs, chasing actions and managing risk more streamlined and automated. The first time you use it to build a meeting you will be amazed how simple it is. Features to copy attendees and agenda items from previous meetings will make the process of producing meeting packs even quicker. The excellent +note feature will also make mincemeat out of drafting minutes.

3. Modern Updates

A little bit of technology can make a job so much easier and BoardPacks is no different. The interactive agenda has features like documents, links, decisions and third party solutions, minutes, actions and risk controls. It is even available on your iPhone, Android phone and tablet devices so you can access BoardPacks where ever you are.

4. Improve Efficiency

BoardPacks allows users to build meeting agendas from previous meetings, keeping all important information linked to one central place on the secure cloud. Tasks can easily be delegated and recorded, minutes are noted and every meeting runs much more efficiently.

5. Delegation of Tasks

BoardPacks simplifies delegation with features to assign tasks. The delegate will receive an email with their task details and a due date instantly… wherever they are.

6. Versatility

The only thing constant in life is change, so adaptation is key and the developers at BoardPacks account for this. BoardPacks software can be accessed on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone – meaning wherever you are, and whichever device you are using, you will always be a few clicks
away from the data you need.

7. Never Miss a Meeting

Meetings can be listed on the BoardPacks software so everyone can see when they’re next due in the board room. If any rescheduling happens, an email is sent out to each delegate informing them of changes, leaving little room for scheduling errors.

8. Reduced Costs and Less Environmental Impact

BoardPacks eliminates the need for reams of paper, endless pen replacements, folders, paperclips, etc. – basically almost all of your standard office stationery can be replaced with BoardPacks secure, easy to use meeting management software.

No longer will you stand at the photocopier watching your day flash before your eyes, or build small forests of paper packs. The courier bill won’t make your eyes water. No mad panic at last minute amendments or lost documentation. Instead envisage a few clicks of your mouse as a solution to all these problems, allowing you to have time for more important tasks.

9. Never Forget

Do you keep a to-do list? How about five? BoardPacks keeps all your lists in one place and records tasks in due date order, as well as any relevant attachments, comments, reminders, or other key details – so you’ll never forget what needs doing again.

10. Tailored to You

Your organisation has unique requirements and BoardPacks can be customised to suit the way you work. From simple things, like having your own brand colours and logo, to more complex software adaptations, language options, and security options, we will work with you to make sure you get the maximum benefit from BoardPacks.

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