BoardPacks 365: The meeting management app for Office 365


Managing your meetings has never been easier than with the new BoardPacks 365 app for Office 365. Originally created for boards of directors, BoardPacks goes a step above other meeting management software. Its high quality and focus on safeguarding sensitive data makes it the ideal software for directors of companies in the finance sector, but also charity trustees and those leading the way in the public sector such as boards of hospitals and schools.

See how Brooklands College took to BoardPacks for their meeting management

Get started with BoardPacks 365

Getting up and running with BoardPacks 365 is simple. Learning how to use the app is quick and pain-free due to the intuitive interface designed for quick adoption by the busy professional. You can download the app straight from the Office 365 store, or for a discount on bulk purchases contact eShare on 0845 200 7829.

You’ll have your first BoardPacks meeting organised in no time.

Make the most of agenda-led meetings

With the BoardPacks 365 app, setting up the agenda and attaching documents and links is as simple as drag and drop. Once you’ve created your meeting, invitees can log on and view their meeting papers wherever they have an internet connection.

Access your meeting notes when and where you need them

For ease of access, you can use the BoardPacks apps for Windows and iPad tablets. With these apps your meeting details are at your fingertips. They’re free to install and can be found in the Apple and Microsoft app stores.

*Initially the app will be in demo mode. To activate the encrypted connection to your BoardPacks account you just need your BoardPacks 365 key and associated log on details.

With the BoardPacks tablet apps, you can:

  • Annotate meeting papers with handy tools such as the virtual pen, highlighter, or sticky notes.
  • Take notes against agenda items to easily create meeting minutes that can be distributed with a few clicks
  • Find the information you need in seconds with keyword search—eliminating the need to flip through page after page, looking for the right spot.

Try the demo on your iPad or Surface

 “The BoardPacks app is easy to use; it is well laid out and everything that you need is available at your fingertips”

Justine Joy, Lane Clark and Peacock

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