BoardPacks embarks on a journey to improve corporate governance within multinationals at ICSA Annual Conference 2016

Senior BoardPacks members will return to the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators’ Annual Conference on 8-9 March 2016, where they will unite with some of the UK’s key corporate governance experts to discuss the burgeoning issue of best practice.

“From the Volkswagen emissions scandal to bribery and mis-selling of pharmaceuticals by the Chinese arm of GSK, it appears even some of the biggest companies in the world lack the essential oversight required at senior level,” explains Alister Esam, Managing Director for BoardPacks.

“The expectation from shareholders and the public alike is that the people at the top are in ultimate control – and must take ultimate responsibility. But the trouble is that, in the vast majority of large organisations, the board simply does not have easy access to the required information to either identify potential problems or give a considered response should they hit the media.

“Responsibility for the implementation of compliance programs to prevent these scenarios often falls with company secretaries; they’re not just responsible for board meeting papers and management, but also for ensuring the content includes an accurate overview of company activity. The ICSA Annual Conference is therefore the ideal place for sharing the most effective compliance programs and philosophies.

“We’re particularly looking forward to exhibiting this year, as we have some exciting new developments that mean we can now enable multinationals to improve their overall governance framework, too. There are many board portal providers running a paperless meeting solution, but BoardPacks is much more than that.  It is a governance solution, with a myriad of tools that can help significantly improve how an organisation runs; it can confirm board and meeting papers are being produced and read, that actions are completed and risks managed, to list just a few.

“As BoardPacks develops, it is putting in place an improved infrastructure for multinationals to ensure their boards the world over are consistently transparent and easily accountable. We’re embarking on a journey, and we hope to meet a number of secretaries and administrators at the ICSA Annual Conference who want to join us in creating a better governance framework, globally.”

Visit Alister and his team on stand 2 of the ICSA Annual Conference 2016 to find out more, or get in touch on +44 (0) 845 200 7829/@BoardPacks.

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