BoardPacks gives 2016 AUA conference an education in board portal software

BoardPacks attends AUA conference

BoardPacks recently presented our board portal software at the annual AUA Conference,the largest Higher Education event of its kind, at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on the 21nd – 23rd of March. We were joined at the event by around 750 attendees, many of whom had travelled from as far as Africa.

As a charity, the AUA’s object is to ‘advance and assist in the development of education by fostering sound methods of leadership, management and administration in further and higher education by education, training, and other means.’

This year’s theme ‘Creativity, Collaboration and Complexity’ explored what challenges Higher Education organisations might expect and celebrated the initiative and creative practices the sector’s professionals and institutions in navigating today’s complex landscape.

After the event we sat down with Dominic Colella, our Business Development Manager for Scotland and Ireland, to discuss his thoughts on the three-day event.

Did you learn anything from the delegates or spot any trends from the conference?

Yes, I think people are beginning to embrace technology more now. I think in the past people might have been a bit hesitant to implement technology into their daily business functions. Most people have a device these days, and its then easier than ever to implement a solution that incorporates the use of that device.

Are a lot of delegates planning on moving away from paper and going digital?

Yes, hugely, one of the big drivers in education or any sector is the ability to move away from paper completely. From board meetings, committee meetings or in fact any meeting across the campuses- the volume of paper currently being used is being questioned as a possibility for cost saving.

How did delegates respond to your BoardPacks demonstrations?

I think the delegates liked the demos because it’s very interactive, they can use the iPads and play with them to experience it for themselves. During the demonstrations a lot of delegates became quite enthusiastic about the functionality within Boardpacks and liked how quick and easy the BoardPacks app was to use on the tablet device.

What features stood out to the delegates?

I think the ease of use was the key element that most of the delegates liked but the feature that stood out the most was the ability to annotate an electronic document within the software.

Annotations have been one of the arguments that people would use to say we need to keep paper in our meetings. But now that they can annotate by using a pen, a highlighter, post it notes actually on the software, and the ability to then share that within the meeting. People really like that functionality.

We look forward to attending AUA again next year in Manchester, but in the meantime – if you would like more information about using BoardPacks in Higher Education meetings, feel free to contact us or visit the website.

You can also read our case studies from other Higher Education establishments that have implemented BoardPacks into their boardrooms.

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