Corporate Issues

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Apr, 17

How many member of your board can you name

A key element of good corporate governance is board visibility and transparency. Knowing who is saying what at a senior level, is important for both compliance and for establishing good behaviour across an organisation. So we thought we would put this to the test, with our latest research project on board visibility in the UK…. Read more »


Oct, 16

Taming corporate lions - entity management 101

Lion taming might not be what people associate with the role of the corporate secretary but, in the circus of corporate governance, it is their ability to juggle the big beasts of regulation, laws and tax across multiple jurisdictions that earns them respect. They must speak CEO and better have all the answers when asked…. Read more »


Jul, 16

Theresa May changing UK governance

Changes to corporate governance Theresa May’s recent rise to the top has been talk of the nation. Before she became the new prime minister, May gave a speech regarding the need to revamp the UK’s corporate governance. Speaking in Birmingham, May said, “The people who run big businesses are supposed to be accountable to outsiders,… Read more »