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May, 17

Your board could be surfing the wave of technology

Who can honestly say that 12 months ago, they believed the UK would vote for Brexit and that Donald Trump would be US President? We live in uncertain times and there is an undoubted impact of that uncertainty on the wider business world and the funds community specifically. However, is that impact really as great… Read more »


Apr, 17

5 Benefits of using a board portal as a management tool

The challenges that companies are facing in 2017 are broader and more diverse than ever before. In an ever changing global business and financial climate, staying on top of tasks and assignments in a clear and auditable way is a key component of any manager’s role, no matter what position they hold. With Google searches… Read more »


Mar, 17

It goes without saying that inefficient or unprepared board members can be a culprit in the less-than-productive board meetings so many endure these days. If board meetings are a frequent part of your working life, the chances are fairly good you’ve met at least one exasperating board member. However, if no one is immediately springing… Read more »


Nov, 16

2016 has already been a landmark year for eShare. In addition to the on-going success of online board portal, BoardPacks, we now offer two complementary products: EntitySquared is an interactive and comprehensive Entity Management Solution; and MeetingSquared is a meeting management tool developed in collaboration with Microsoft, which aims to bring an end to the… Read more »