Governance Practices

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Jan, 17

By now, most board members will be aware that moving meetings to a paperless platform is more cost-effective, however there are still those who remain unconvinced. To help those who are still uncertain about making the switch in 2017, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons that moving your board to a digital platform… Read more »


Dec, 16

This month, eShare has been awarded our IS027001 certificate, and are among only one other UK board portal company that has this across their whole business. eShare’s data centres have always had this certification but now the office and rest of the company has achieved this too. The team have worked incredibly hard towards this… Read more »


Nov, 16

Stack of paper

It’s a very special time of the year right now. No, I don’t mean bonfire night, I am talking about World Paper Free Day, which takes place today (4 November). This is an annual occurrence, managed by information management professional body AIIM. It encourages organisations all over the world come together to reduce the amount… Read more »


Oct, 16

Lion taming might not be what people associate with the role of the corporate secretary but, in the circus of corporate governance, it is their ability to juggle the big beasts of regulation, laws and tax across multiple jurisdictions that earns them respect. They must speak CEO and better have all the answers when asked…. Read more »


Aug, 16

Boardroom Governance

In part one of our ‘principles of good governance’ series we discussed the importance of the capability and integrity of the board. At this stage we will be delving into how a board’s leadership can affect good governance whilst remaining accountable and sustainable. The western world leads the way on good governance, but we still… Read more »