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Apr, 17

Trying to organise meetings without meeting management software can be done, but should it? With inboxes getting flooded with messages and papers coming in from every direction, it’s easy to see why so many business managers opt for some form of meeting software. How many times have you found yourself searching back through emails for… Read more »


Dec, 16

However hard you work, however senior your role and however vast your responsibilities, the benefits of some downtime are well-documented. For many, the Christmas holiday is a time when they can kick back, spend time with the family, enjoy a glass or two of something or even jump on the first plane to somewhere warm…. Read more »


Aug, 16

The summer holidays are now upon us, and it should be the chance for beleaguered board members to take a well-earned break. That’s the theory anyway. The reality is, that either by necessity (board execs are just too important to take a complete break from work) or by their own inability to let go, many… Read more »


Jun, 16

Meeting in the rain

Meetings are a vital part of every organisation and our working lives. They are essential for us to collaborate with each other on important issues such as planning and decision making. The issue with meetings is that they are abused more and more with constant ‘catchups’ that waste time and don’t produce results. We all… Read more »