Regulation and Compliance

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Mar, 17

Financial Services (FS) has always been an industry that is heavily regulated. However, recent updates from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mean that for companies within FS – particularly asset managers – the governance spotlight is going to get a lot brighter.  Last year’s introduction of the senior managers and certification regime for banks, building… Read more »


Dec, 16

This month, eShare has been awarded our IS027001 certificate, and are among only one other UK board portal company that has this across their whole business. eShare’s data centres have always had this certification but now the office and rest of the company has achieved this too. The team have worked incredibly hard towards this… Read more »


Oct, 16

Taming corporate lions - entity management 101

Lion taming might not be what people associate with the role of the corporate secretary but, in the circus of corporate governance, it is their ability to juggle the big beasts of regulation, laws and tax across multiple jurisdictions that earns them respect. They must speak CEO and better have all the answers when asked…. Read more »


Jul, 16

Boardroom Security Blog

Data security is a major priority for many organizations in the US, and most executives are aware of the possible threat brought about by data breaches. Barely a week goes by without one breach or another reported in the press and there is a multi-billion dollar industry emerging that looks to keep organizations’ data safe,… Read more »


May, 15

Luxembourg funds need to reconsider security around board documentation compilation and distribution. CSSF regulation has long been clear on the security around IT systems, managing sensitive data and regulating overseas subsidiaries. Recently, however, CSSF distributed circular 15/611, which extends regulation around the management of information to include the compilation, distribution and consultation of management board… Read more »