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Apr, 17

How many member of your board can you name

A key element of good corporate governance is board visibility and transparency. Knowing who is saying what at a senior level, is important for both compliance and for establishing good behaviour across an organisation. So we thought we would put this to the test, with our latest research project on board visibility in the UK…. Read more »


Jan, 15

Technological advancements are changing many aspects of the education system, from how students learn, to how their fees are processed. For some, adapting to new technologies may seem daunting; although, such advancements can bring significant positive change. When schools and universities incorporate technology into their ethos, they are more effective at managing resources and protecting… Read more »


Jun, 14

In November 2013, eShare conducted a survey to discover the predominant attitudes towards governance software by people for whom governance is a significant part of their role. The survey respondents consisted of governance professionals, whose roles included director, trustee, company secretary, and governance manager. Most were UK based (80%) and were concentrated in three sectors—pensions… Read more »


Jun, 14

Knowledge – Responsibility – Time – Technology – Training The final article in this series focuses on the need for training support for the board. The need is relevant to both executives and, increasingly, non-executives. “I think there will be a requirement for directors to be better informed and to undertake annual training.” Survey respondent, governance… Read more »