BoardPacks awarded ‘Titan de las finanzas 2015’ at ECOFIN Annual Congress

ECOFIN Annual Congress

ECOFIN is a publication and a forum for economic thinking on major current issues, economic analysis and management affecting senior management decisions. Each year they present awards to those solutions, services and companies they consider to be ‘Titans of Finance‘.

BoardPacks won the prize in the ‘Products and Services’ category, and in addition was awarded a trophy in recognition of how innovative the software is. Unlike most board governance software in which the meeting pack is a PDF, BoardPacks provides an interactive agenda containing documents, links, voting and even third party tools. The dynamic meeting pack can be exported as a PDF if required.

The awards were delivered during a gala dinner on the 8th June and BoardPacks was represented by Joao Claro, Regional Sales Manager Spain and Portugal, and Simon Machin, Director of Sales.

“The gala dinner was excellent,” Joao told us, “There were several prestigious members of different activity sectors in Spain. After watching the presentation of our award, there was considerable interest in how BoardPacks works.”

“With the new regulation and changes in the criminal code, starting on the 1st of July, more organisations are concerned with how they record decisions and the process taken to make them. The new regulation states that the board members should be completely transparent in their decisions regarding the management of the companies. The information regarding key decisions and meeting management must be completely clear and all the members must have access to the same information at the same time. BoardPacks is an important tool for addressing the legal requirements, for example overcoming a lack of transparency and providing equal information to all the board members.”

You can watch Joao being interviewed by ECOFIN, in Spanish on the ECOFIN website.

BoardPacks is used by organisations globally to improve their transparency around meeting documents, decisions and risk management at board level. Adveo, previously known as Grupo Unipapel, use BoardPacks to maintain an auditable trail that runs through their meetings and the whole decision making process.

“As a listed company, using the solution for corporate governance from BoardPacks, allows Adveo to guarantee transparency and compliance,” explained Juan Venegas, Secretario General y Vicesecretario del Consejo de Adveo. “The company’s reputation is well reinforced, which attracts investors and creates new benefits.”

See for yourself how BoardPacks works in this short demo video.

You can also watch the video in Spanish.


The amends to the compliance legislation are fairly new in Spain, having been introduced only in December 2014, and so many companies are still getting to grips with it. Hopefully this award will raise awareness that there is a technology solution that can make compliance easier.

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