eShare continues Dublin roadshow with attendance at Annual Global Funds Conference 2017

Ireland is an important market for eShare and one in which we’ve made strong headway in over the past few years. We are already looking forward to our attendance at the upcoming (23 May) ICSA Ireland Conference 2017 and are equally excited about the Annual Global Funds Conference 2017 later that week.

Now in its 19th year, the Annual Global Funds Conference 2017 will take place at the InterContinental Hotel in Dublin on 25 May. This conference is a landmark in the international funds industry calendar and it attracts a wide range of participants from across the international investment funds community.

The conference has some fascinating keynote speakers lined up who will be discussing the current issues and challenges facing the international investment funds industry, as well as taking in Irish solutions for managers globally.

eShare and fund management

The funds sector is one that we are very familiar with and one that we always enjoying engaging with. We understand many of the concerns and challenges faced by those working within funds and feel that our technology can play a major role in meeting some of those challenges head on.

A great example of this is with VP Fund Solutions, part of the VP Bank group. Since the onboarding of the first SICAV structures last year, VP Fund Solutions now also has to act as corporate secretary on behalf of these funds. This required a strong technology solution to manage the meeting processes around board meetings, which meant that our online board portal, BoardPacks is now an integral part of their CoSec offering.

Ireland and governance

BoardPacks’ ability to improve governance at any organisation is one of its key features, so we will be keen to discuss some recent research findings we launched with any delegates at the Annual Global Funds Conference 2017.

The research – conducted with UK and Irish employees – revealed a widespread lack of visibility and awareness of Irish boards amongst their employees, with just one in five respondents able to name the CEO at the company they work for.

81% of respondents say the board at their company could do more to be visible to employees, significantly higher than the 68% in the UK. 42% of respondents said that they do not understand what their company’s vision and values are, suggesting that Irish organisations need to work harder at bridging the gap between leadership teams and employees.

A key element of good governance is the visibility of the leadership team and transparency into decision-making, both of which BoardPacks can address, so we’d love to get your thoughts on our research and whether it matches your own experiences.

If you are attending the funds conference on 25 May then it would be great to talk at the eShare stand – just ask for Dominic or Cara. Or if you can’t make it but would like to talk funds, technology or our board visibility research, just get in touch here.

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