Take BoardPacks for a spin: the benefits of a free trial

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My next-door neighbour is selling his van. The man interested arrives at the house. He takes a thorough look at the van, test drives it and asks about the van’s history.Then, he gets out his tape measure and checks the inside dimensions. His aim is to adapt the inside so he can store his tools securely, whilst having easy access when he’s on a job.

That van is going to be a considerable part of how he works. When making such a big decision you want to be sure to make the best decision, after all, it will be a lot of wasted time and money if the van isn’t sufficient. Not to mention the inconvenience to his business.

Just like the man buying the van, when a board is looking at switching from paper-based practices to a software solution, checking for a good fit is vital.

Steve Jones, Chief Executive at Tai Ceredigion, a Welsh housing association, recognised that if he wanted his board to work differently, he had to be sure the technology they chose would work for them. To reduce the risk involved with moving the board to a tablet solution, Steve wanted to take a detailed look at the software before making the commitment.

What he found is that getting a trial of meeting management products isn’t easy. In fact, his IT Manager, Dan Shephard, stated, “We looked at a number of solutions for our requirements; however BoardPacks was the only provider that allowed us to try out the solution before committing to the purchase.”

Steve Jones said, “We received a free trial of BoardPacks and were delighted with the customer support offered during the trial. This gave users confidence in the system and also helped iron out initial teething problems to ensure that we were happy with the system before committing to purchase and going ‘live’.”

After a smooth implementation, Tai Ceredigion’s board members have taken to using BoardPacks for their meetings.

Read the complete case study to find out more about Tai Ceredigion’s experience of using BoardPacks, including:

  • How they reduced the time taken to prepare meeting papers
  • How they saved money
  • Their hopes for expanding their solution to include the Decisions module in the future

Read the case study

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