Make the most of your iPad with Control Centre

When Apple released iOS 7 last autumn, the focus seemed to centre around the operating systems new look and feel. With icons that have a flatter, almost retro looking appearance, and new screen animations, it was hard not to focus on this aspect of the redesign. However, looks aside, the new operating system included a handful of fantastic new features. Of particular note is the new Control Centre. If you’ve yet to discover the wonder of this feature, then now’s the time to get your iPad out and give it a go.

How to get to Control Centre?

Control Centre can be accessed whether or not your device is locked. Simply swipe a finger up from the bottom of your iPad and it should appear.

What can you do with Control Centre

Control Centre gives you instant access to some of those apps and controls that are so often needed, but sometimes so pesky to find. Now instead of having to open Settings and navigate through what’s become an exhaustive menu, you can access these oft needed functions right from this nifty little screen.

iPad control centre
Easier connections – Control Centre allows you to switch WiFi and Bluetooth on or off as quick as tapping your finger. This is especially handy as both WiFi and Bluetooth can drain your battery. Now when you know you don’t need one, or both, you can quickly switch them off until you need them again.

Have a safe flight – Airplane Mode is a fantastic feature that lets you use your networked devices mid-air. Now, instead of having to open Settings to access it, you can switch this mode on simply by opening Control Centre and tapping the icon. Another great tip, put your device in Airplane Mode to make it charge faster!

Adjust your screen – If you’re tired of your iPad screen constantly changing orientation as you shift it from side to side, then there’s an easy solution. Simply tap Orientation Lock in Control Centre and your screen will remain static any way you turn it. And if you find your screen is too dim or too bright, just slide your finger along the brightness slider in Control Centre to adjust.

Sleep well – Maybe you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, or you simply want to take a break from notifications, well now you can turn Do Not Disturb on and your device will be silent, keeping notifications at bay, until you turn it back off.

N.b. This will only work if you device is locked. To enable Do Not Disturb even when you’re using your iPad you’ll need to visit Settings>Do Not Disturb and scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says Silence. From here, check Always  and all notifications will turn off whether your device is locked or in use, as long as Do Not Disturb is turned on.

Do not disturb

Listen to some music – You can also control music on your device from the Control Centre, as well as turn the volume up or down.

Share – AirDrop is a great new feature that lets you wirelessly share content with other iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch users. You can also use it to send files to your Mac. To use, tap on AirDrop in the Control Centre and select who you want to be able to share with – Contacts Only or Everyone. You can also opt to turn off AirDrop here.


Once AirDrop is turned on you can share photos, maps, contacts, notes, videos and webpages. Anything on your device that has a share button (that little box with an upwards arrow pointing out of it) with it. Just tap the icon and select who you want to send to from the AirDrop list. Of course, whoever you want to share with must have AirDrop turned on as well.


N.b. In order for AirDrop to work both WiFi and Bluetooth must be turned on.

Snap a photo – Select the camera icon in Control Centre to open the Camera app.

Keep time – Tap the timer icon and the clock app will open on the timer function.

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