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Governance first is about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it's importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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Jun, 17

Which Hogwarts house would your CEO belong to?

There is nothing quite like the anniversary of something from popular culture to put time into perspective and make your feel old. As this week we mark the 20th anniversary since the publication of the first Harry Potter book, this will either make you think back to reading the books in your younger, more care… Read more »


Jun, 17

More and more organisations are making digital transformation a priority, but do they fully understand what this movement is trying to achieve? In short, digital transformation is the process of adopting and integrating technology within your business activities, processes and competencies to fully leverage the opportunities that technology presents us. Many organizations make the mistake… Read more »


Jun, 17

The funds sector is one that eShare knows as well as any. We have a rich history working with fund managers all over Europe and feel that our technology is particularly suited to the needs of those working in the industry. That’s why we are getting excited about the upcoming FundForum International, which takes place… Read more »