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Governance first is about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it's importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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Jun, 14

We’ve come across an array of fantastic corporate governance articles this week. Read on to find out about our favourites. In his recent Forbes article, Alan Brew looks into why mergers between ‘equal’ companies never seem to work. With examples of recent disastrous mergers painting a tenuous picture, it’s hard not to agree with him…. Read more »


Jun, 14

Knowledge – Responsibility – Time – Technology – Training The final article in this series focuses on the need for training support for the board. The need is relevant to both executives and, increasingly, non-executives. “I think there will be a requirement for directors to be better informed and to undertake annual training.” Survey respondent, governance… Read more »


Jun, 14

We are continuing the launch of New BoardPacks at the National Housing Federation Company Secretaries’ Conference on the 17th June at the King’s Fund, London. At the event we will demonstrate to company secretaries from housing associations how they can use New BoardPacks to get their ducks in a row when it comes to improving board… Read more »


Jun, 14

This week’s round up of corporate governance news: 1. Dysfunctional corporate culture has a severe effect on both employee moral and company success. This article from Forbes looks at steps that can be taken to improve corporate culture: 5 steps to creating a ‘better integrity culture that can genuinely alleviate the issues of work/life balance… Read more »


Jun, 14

Knowledge – Responsibility – Time – Technology – Training Continuing with the fourth of our five part series on how governance professionals believe the role of the board member will change. Technology “With increased technology will come higher expectations of role.” Survey respondent, governance software survey Many changes happening in the current corporate environment stem from… Read more »