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Governance first is about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it's importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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May, 14

Knowledge – Responsibility – Time – Technology – Training Technology aids good governance by creating a stable and reliable framework to make governance activities more efficient and data more secure. How governance professionals perceive technology’s use in the boardroom, and for wider governance purposes, is of key interest to eShare. We conducted the governance software survey… Read more »


May, 14

Staying on top of the latest trends in governance involves keeping a keen eye on the news.  On our BoardPacks Twitter feed, we like to share the articles that make us stop and think, making them easily available to followers who like to stay on top of corporate governance. This week’s highlights: CEO.com: Can you change your… Read more »


May, 14

eShare are excited to announce that the Decisions governance module is now available through the iPad app. Anyone who currently uses the Decisions module in BoardPacks and has an iPad will be able to access their Decisions information and vote on board resolutions on the move. If Decisions hasn’t yet appeared on your iPad, you… Read more »


May, 14

Knowledge – Responsibility – Time – Technology – Training When we conducted the governance software survey at the end of 2013, we wanted to find out what governance professionals thought of using technology to support good governance, and also how changes to how governance is managed would affect the role of the board member. The qualitative… Read more »


May, 14

Every week we like to scour the internet for the most interesting stories and articles about corporate governance. We always share our favourites everyday on Twitter, but we know how easy it can be to miss updates. So every week we put together a list of our favourite governance articles of the week. This week’s… Read more »