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Governance first is about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it's importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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Jan, 14

If you already use an iPad in your role, then you know that they can be incredibly useful tools. You can use them to read and write emails, create documents, explore the internet and access board portals, among many other things. And with apps from the iTunes store, you can do so much more –… Read more »


Dec, 13

“Corruption is the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development around the world,” (UN). Corruption can bring down governments, demolish companies, and destroy lives. Yet every year these unethical activities continue. With International Anti-Corruption day bringing corruption to the forefront of our minds, it is time to really consider how corruption affects the world,… Read more »


Nov, 13

While the board may sit atop the organizational pyramid, it is important to remember that the board itself creates the foundation on which organizations operate. Without a strong foundation of good governance, any company will crumble. But how can the board ensure that good governance is practiced company-wide? Create a Company-Wide Vision, Mission and Values… Read more »


Oct, 13

In 2009 the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa released the third iteration of the King Report on Governance. King III continued the tradition of previous Kings Reports to promote good corporate governance. The new report prescribed several new requirements, including the mandate for organisations to create Integrated Reports moving forward. In place of the… Read more »