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Governance first is about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it's importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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Feb, 17

Thanks to the feedback of our users, we’ve been able to implement some new updates to the BoardPacks app for an even better experience for all board members. Users will now get a more consistent and straightforward interface in the app along with a more modern, refreshed look and feel, that will help to keep… Read more »


Feb, 17

If your organisation performs work that involves sharing documents or collaborating directly with vendors, clients, or customers, then you might want to use the external sharing features of SharePoint Online to share content with people outside your organisation who do not have licenses for your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Or, you may want to limit… Read more »


Jan, 17

By now, most board members will be aware that moving meetings to a paperless platform is more cost-effective, however there are still those who remain unconvinced. To help those who are still uncertain about making the switch in 2017, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons that moving your board to a digital platform… Read more »


Jan, 17

Small company turning grand Didn’t know about the cyber land ‘Be careful of wolves’ the IT expert said ‘We want to see your company spread’ The CEO in red said she would be But then came an email, which looked as plain as can be With only one click she was promised the world Without… Read more »