Why is security important for the boardroom?

The information exchanged in the boardroom and amongst board members can be sensitive. It is vital that the communication method you use to handle that information has the utmost level of security.

Don’t risk having your board documents being intercepted in transit, both by courier and email, by using a secure board portal software that encrypts your data and stores in it a secure database.

Board document security

Your choice of data hosting options

Our clients have a choice of where to host their data when they are considering how to adopt BoardPacks. This will depend on their existing infrastructure and IT skills available.

A hosted solution means your information is held on our secure data centre and transferred to your device as and when you need it. This means you don’t need the investment required to set up the physical storage.

For those with SharePoint 2013, and the expertise to host it themselves, the on-site solution, which keeps your data in-house, may be preferable.

Compare the different options