VP Funds Solutions

Regulation change leads VP Bank to use BoardPacks as a key tool when acting as a corporate secretary to funds clients


Founded in 1956, VP Bank is one of the largest banks in the Liechtenstein financial centre. It has offices in six additional countries, employs around 800 people and attends to client assets totalling around CHF 42 billion (€ 39 billion). The shares of VP Bank are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

VP Fund Solutions is the international funds competency centre of VP Bank Group with sites in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. VP Fund Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG acts as a management company on behalf of a number of its clients.

Since the onboarding of the first SICAV structures last year, VP Fund Solutions now also has to act as corporate secretary on behalf of these funds. This involves the scheduling and management of two meetings each year for every fund, and VP Fund Solutions felt it needed a strong technology solution to manage this.

“This is an important element of what VP Fund Solution does, and we needed to present a professional and effective corporate secretary function to our clients,”

“We realised that a digital board pack solution would be a key component in this, and decided to conduct a search to evaluate the best option for our needs.”

– Dr Martin Jonasch, Head of Advisory & Structuring, VP Fund Solutions