Zambia's Public Service Pensions Fund

Zambia’s Public Service Pensions Fund Board uses BoardPacks to improve the overall board meeting process


The Public Service Pensions Fund was founded in 1997 as a direct result of the Laws of Zambia, Act No. 35 of 1996 which stated that it is “an Act to consolidate the law relating to pensions and other benefits for persons employed in the Public Service; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental to such consolidation.”

This means that the Public Service Pensions Fund Board (PSPFB) is responsible for pension matters for all pensionable Public Service employees contributing to the Public Service Pensions Fund. To this day PSPFB makes good on its Vision Statement: ‘to be the best public pension scheme dedicated to providing optimum and sustainable benefits to members, retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries’.

The organisation is overseen by a board of directors comprising 14 members, supported by a management committee with an additional five members. Meeting up to eight times a year, the preparation for leadership meetings team at PSPFB was taking too long and costing too much, as Emmanuel Chimuka, head of IT department explains:

“Meetings were obviously an operational necessity but we had been producing the board packs manually, which was hugely time intensive and costly, not only in terms of the printing costs but also in delivering the board packs to disparately located board members across the region. We felt that technology could help us with these issues and turned to BoardPacks in September 2016.”